Beach Dynamics

The History

Beach Dynamics
PO BOX 9440
Cincinnati, OH
Operating as a company since 1978 and incorporating in 1995, Beach Dynamics is a general contractor supporting heavy manufacturing industries in the areas of our expertise: acoustics and air pollution control. Beach Dynamics engineers, provides solutions, designs, fabricates and installs large systems - ranging from $25k to $200k. At your request, we would be pleased to provide details of a typical system.

However, our 30 years of experience with loudspeakers and audio (including system design, construction, installation & measurement) has become an increasing emphasis for our company. Recent projects include retail and commercial customers.

Retail projects have included speaker system design, construction, repair, and modification of 1, 2, and 3 way systems in sealed, ported, and horned loaded cabinets - as well as amplifier construction - (tube & solid state) and repair.

Commercial projects have included restaurants, studios, clubs, competition swim stadiums, and even the loudspeaker installation in Cinergy Field (55,000 capacity).

Our working knowledge of T/S parameters, their mathematical derivation, and other driver specifications allows in house parameter measurement/verification, design, matching, and end-of-line testing.

Beach Dynamics possesses the following software:

Autodesk AutoCAD2008
HarrisTech BassBoxPro and X-Over
IJ Data LspCAD
Dayton Audio Woofer Tester WT3
TrueAudio True RTA
Smith and Larson Woofer Tester Pro
LinearX: LMS and LEAP
CEL Soundtrack

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