EnclosuresϬ Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ

Industrial DivisionϬ Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ Ϭ

Beach Dynamics designs, fabricates, and installs:

Barrier Walls
Noise Enclosures
Ϭ (soft curtain & hard paneled)
Intake and Exhaust Silencers
Damping Compounds
Vibration Isolators Feet
Ceiling Baffles
Absorption Panels and Curtains
Pipe and Duct Wrap/Lagging

Beach Dynamics has been designing, fabricating, and installing soft curtain and hard paneled acoustical enclosures since 1995.

Our curtain enclosures use facings rated up to 550° F (288° C). Hard paneled enclosures are available in galvanized, "paint-grip" galvannealled, stainless, unfinished, or powder coated in any color specified. Options include:

» Barrier Walls
» Manual and automated doors. (Automated doors can be integrated
Ϭ into customer's production controls.)

» Double pane, laminated safety glass windows
» Energy saving, automated filtered inlet mixing boxes control
Ϭ temperature to insure quality production
» Inlet and exhaust silencers
» Inside and outdoor applications
» Sealed bulkhead electrical connectors
» Roof bearing loads can be specified
» Overhead equipment bridges
» Floating, vibration isolation floors
» Ceiling mounted structure for robots
» Internal or external and adjustable exhaust hoods
» Environmentally controlled. (Remote HVAC compressors are available.)
» Lighting
» Exhaust fans

At Left:
Unpainted, galvanized noise booth with automated lift door for high speed production. Note outside air inlet and exhaust duct for energy savings. Window is field replaceable.

At Right:
Tall Booth with manual double doors, outside air supply, and external walk-in exhaust hood.
At Left:
Booth features manual adjustable dampers to maximize capture velocity.
At Left:
Round silencer with bullet resulting in very high noise reduction with very low static pressure loss.
At Left:
Floor mounted soft paneled noise enclosure can also be suspended by building’s ceiling. Note wall and roof mounted inlet and exhaust baffles. Panels are on are on rollers in double track for easy access for equipment repairs.
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